Antibiotice, a dynamic company on the internation market
Antibiotice is the largest Romanian producer of generic drugs with a tradition of over 58 years. With dedication and passion, the company has built a reputation of a leading producer of anti-infective drugs, and of a company that provides with knowledge, quality generic treatments at affordable prices and international standards.

Shortly about Antibiotice:
• It has a portfolio of over 140 generic drugs from 13 therapeutic classes;
• It is recognized as a leading producer of anti-infective drugs, anti-inflammatory, dermatological products, gastrointestinal and stands as viable alternative to cardiovascular-system, central nervous system and oncology classes;
• It has implemented an international quality management system: EU GMP, cGMP – USA, ISO 9001/2008, and manufacturing flow of Nystatin has got the certificate according to the European Pharmacopoeia, CoS;
• The drugs manufacturing is held in a modern Research-Development Center.

Presence on the international market:
• World leader in the production of Nystatin;
• Has got 70 products at international level;
• It has got 120 partners in 60 countries around the world;
• It is prequalified OMS the essential anti-tuberculosis drugs.