After modest beginnings and using only personal resources, Ircon’s primary objective was the development of original drugs intended to help resolve major health problems affecting the Romanian female population. We never intended to copy existing products, rather we aimed to develop brand new drugs based on rigorous scientific observations and extensive documentations. Thus was born Cervugid (ovules) manufactured by Ircon, which today represents a basic drug in the treatment of gynecological diseases in our country. Its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its place in the treatment of pre-cancerous stages of cervical cancer, makes Cervugid a recommended drug.
Guaranteeing the Quality of our products answers both to the needs of the sick and constitutes the main goal of our activities, which represents an extremely important part of our marketing policy.
Further production lines based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) will be introduced in the near future – the resulting new products will continue the same path of Originality & Quality as our previous efforts.