Laboratoarele REMEDIA

Laboratoarele Remedia, a private laboratory for drugs and biologically active products manufacture, established in 1991, was the first drugs production laboratory in Romania.
Laboratoarele Remedia has an extensive portfolio of licenses for drugs manufacture, to which are added other 50 biological active products, vitamins and herbal extracts.
Authorized GMP in 2006 and ISO 22000 in 2009, Laboratoarele Remedia aims to the production of drugs from the range PAIN THERAPY with strong brands for various disorders (headache, back pains, cold and fever, menstrual pain, etc.), production of vitamins and minerals (ESSEVITA) and biological active products with focus particularly on hepato-protective products, calcium products, immune system products and central nervous system products.
Raw materials of superior quality and experience of our specialists, recommend Laboratoarele Remedia as a major player in the competition existing on the market of medicinal products and biological active products in Romania.