Fiterman Pharma

Fiterman Pharma, a company dedicated to quality, teamwork and continuous development

Fiterman Pharma is a Romanian, privately owned manufacturer, which produces drugs, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. With over 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical domain, Fiterman Pharma distinguished by orientation towards the patient, quality, flexibility, social responsibility, competitiveness and sustainable development.

Fiterman Pharma:

  • Portfolio consists of more than 90 pharmaceutical products that covers nine therapeutic areas;
  • The factory is GMP certified on all production lines and has three production streams: semisolid line (dosage form: gels, creams, ointments), liquid line (dosage form: syrups, solutions and suspensions), solid line (dosage forms: tablets, capsules and single dose powders), also has its own laboratories for microbiological and physico-chemical analyzes, fitted with modern equipment, devices and instruments;
  • In-house Research, Development, Registration and Approval Department.
  • Quality is assured in conjunction with strict rules and standards set internationally Fiterman Pharma being one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Romania GMP approved (in 2004) and since 2005 has ISO EN 9001:2008 Intertek Certificate.
  • In-house Marketing and Design Department;
  • Own team for medical promotion, consisting of over 70 young people, active at the national level and permanently ready.